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About Peter

Peter Green’s first addiction was speed. Adrenaline sports that is: motorcycling, car-racing and skydiving. Growing up in Leeds, England, he combined his love of extreme sports with that of his second love, photography. Taking pictures evolved naturally as his fascination with the speed of racecars transcended to capturing it two-dimensionally via his camera at the World Rally Championship. In 1990, at the age of 24, Green moved to Key West, Florida, and once again entwined stillness and speed in the form of photography and skydiving.

Sometimes life has a way of shifting your focus – even if it takes breaking your back to do so. After enduring a debilitating back injury, Peter went from an invigorating outdoor lifestyle to prostrate and in pain for months. His brain still craving intensity, he was forced to redirect his energies. Prohibited from his usually unusual activities, Green shifted addictions and immersed himself in photography full-time. His practice evolved from a detailed study of light and reflection in people, places and objects into a distinct style all his own.

Peter is self-taught. He perceives himself less as an artist, but more an engineer. Using a recipe of multiple exposures and focal points, Green creates a unique depth and quality to each photo, blurring the lines between photography and painting. He scouts a location multiple times often for several hours, observing the changing light, shadows and reflections to grant each photo its own satiating perspective.

Green’s work has been featured in many publications including Life Magazine, Southern Living and National Geographic. Artists and well-known personalities alike have commissioned his work and his pieces are sold in various galleries throughout the Eastern seaboard.

Famous Collectors

"It’s as if you’ve been granted superhuman powers when viewing Peter’s work. The details, colors and personality of the subjects ooze off the page. He went from extreme sports to creating extreme photography!” – Pat Croce, former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, is a collector of Green’s work.

“Peter Green is able to capture the essence of a musician in a photo. It’s almost as if you can see through the lens, the music in the musician’s face.” - John Lee, jazz legend and base player for Dizzy Gillespie and owner of Jazz Legacy Productions.

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